Beginner Series  (77 degrees)

This is for the new yoga student.  If you are looking for a class where everyone is new and wants to learn each pose from the beginning, than this is for you.  

The Beginner Series is designed to introduce you to the yoga studio, yoga props, yoga poses, different types of yoga, even what to wear and etiquette in a yoga studio. 

Trying new things as an adult is VERY hard and scary, but I’m here to put you at ease and help you to feel less anxiety about entering a yoga studio (and trying yoga).  

Text me, Annie, with any questions, anytime: 913-269-9037

Yoga Fundamentals 1 (77 degrees)

Click here to watch a YF1 class

YF1 is great for students that already know some yoga poses, have been to a few classes, or just want to stick with the basics and stretch.  

This is for everyone, not just beginners.  Some students stick with this class for many years because they like the time/teacher/other students. Some students want to try harder classes, so they move to YF 2 or Mixed Level Flow.

In plain English, this class consists of laying down poses, seated poses, standing poses, table top poses, balancing poses, breathing, stretching, and using yoga props like blocks, straps and blanket/bolster.

No previous experience is required, but you might consider taking the Beginner Series if you’ve NEVER taken a yoga class before.  The Beginner Series is not mandatory, but helpful. 

YF1 and YF2 have students at all different levels and abilities.

Yoga Fundamentals 2 (77 degrees)

YF2 is harder than YF1.  This class has more abdominal crunches, longer holds in poses like chair and more standing balancing poses. 

IF you like a challenge and you’ve been to the other yoga classes, than try it out!  

You might just break a sweat in this class!  If you like a good workout, but you’ve never done yoga before, you can try it, but you won’t know what the teacher is talking about.  You can take this class in conjunction with the Beginner Series to really understand yoga!

Stability and Flexibility (77 degrees) 

This class combines breathing with poses that are not in a flowing rhythm.  The poses are done in a set sequence each time that allows you to really work on each pose and see your progress from week to week.  

If you like the Hot 26 series at hot studios, but don’t like the heat, than this is the perfect class for you. 

This is a wrist-friendly class, meaning no push ups, no table top poses, no up dog or down dog. 

No previous experience is required, but you might consider the Beginner Series in conjunction with this class to really learn what yoga is all about.


Stretch and Chill (77 degrees)

Click here to watch a Stretch and Chill class

This class is exactly what it sounds like!  You will stretch and then chill out! 

No previous experience is required.  

The stretches are done seated, laying down and standing with props like blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters.

The chill part is done with props seated or laying down, focusing on the breath. 

Restorative (77 degrees) 

Restorative yoga is in a class by itself!  This is the only class at Surya Yoga that is truly passive.  You are not supposed to work hard at all in this class.  Their is minimal stretching in Restorative.

All the poses are done seated or laying down and fully supported by lots of blankets and bolsters.

This class is supposed to quiet the central nervous system, bring your blood pressure down, take you out of “flight, fight, freeze” and into “rest and digest”. 

To be honest, not everyone loves restorative.  For some, this is a mentally demanding class because each pose is held for 5-10 minutes with no muscular effort.  But, it’s not nap time. 

Some people love Restorative and only go to this class because of it’s minimal activity, but it’s mentally soothing.  

The only way to find out if Restorative yoga is right for you is to try it out.  

(you can even wear jammies and big fluffy socks in this class, it’s not like other yoga classes)

Hot Gentle Flow (90 degrees) 

Hot Gentle Flow is heated to 90 degrees.  This class is great for beginners to advanced yogi’s.  This class will move slowly and stretches will be held a bit longer than a traditional class. 

This class moves faster than stretch and chill, but not as fast as Yoga Fundamentals 1.  

If you like to be warm in the winter, than this class is for you! 

Strength and Stretch

Yoga Sculpt (77 degrees) 

Click here to watch a Yoga Sculpt class

This is a physically demanding class, only because we move VERY slowly and work each muscle group until it’s fatigued.  

This class starts with a few sun salutations to warm up, then targeted muscle toning with 3 to 8 lb weights, looped resistance bands and/or blocks.  Sometimes we incorporate the yoga wheel for fun!

This is a great class to add to your yoga routine as it adds muscle tone and actually makes yoga better and easier! 

Mixed Level Flow (77 degrees)

This class is not a beginner level class.  

We move with the breath, doing sun salutations, dynamic sequences, standing balancing poses, backbends, twists, abdominal crunches, arm balances and inversions.

If you love to try new arm balances or inversions than this class is for you!  

This class is not as hard as Hot Vinyasa.

Hot Vinyasa (90 degrees)

Vinyasa means to move with your breath.  The class moves at a pretty steady pace and you will sweat! 

This is NOT a beginner level class.  You are more than welcome to come to it if you’ve taken other yoga classes before and know the poses.  

Let’s say we divide yoga classes into vegetable classes and candy classes, meaning, vegetables are necessary and not that much fun and candy is all fun, but not necessary!  Surya Yoga Hot Vinyasa is a 70/30 split, candy/vegetables.  

If you love arm balances, twisting, standing balancing poses and working hard, than this class is for you!  

Inversions like handstands, forearm stands and headstands are a part of every class. But, don’t worry if you can’t do them today, Annie is a former gymnast and can teach you how to SAFELY get into and out of inversions, if you want to do them.  No pressure.

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