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Beginner Yoga Series

Feel Better, Move Better, Sleep Better!

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7 Class (21 day) Beginner Yoga Series 

If your goal is to feel better, move better, sleep better, gain flexibility, gain strength or be overall healthy, than this is the right place to start! 

7 class pass includes: 3 Beginner Series classes, 4 classes of your choice, 20% off a new mat, and free Wellness Consultation

Each class limited to 10 people, so reserve your spot now!

Investment:  $149 for 7 classes, wellness consultation and 20% off a new mat.

Classes start multiple times/month, make sure to choose the dates and times that work for you.  

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Future Dates:

Tues, 6 PM, Oct 4-24

Sat, 8 AM, Oct 8 -28

questions?  text Annie 913-269-9037


In this class, beginner yoga students will learn the fundamentals of yoga including:

  • How to reduce body aches and pains

  • How to reduce stress

  • Fundamental yoga poses

  • Different breathing techniques to reduce stress and lower blood pressure

  • Yoga etiquette (should I take my socks off? Can I wear my smart watch?)

  • Relaxation techniques for sleep or anytime you need to relax quickly.

  • Building strength and flexibility

  • How to use yoga props like blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets

  • How to quiet the mind chatter


  • Do I need my own mat?  You can bring your own mat, but if you don’t have one, you can try out the demo mats and then buy one for 20% off.
  • Do I need anything besides a mat?  No, you can use all the props at the studio while you are taking the Beginner Series. After the Beginner Series is over, you will need to purchase your own blocks and strap.  Your new blocks and strap are 20% off during your Beginner Series time. 
  • What if I’m not flexible? Well, that’s why you’re trying yoga, right? To get a little more flexible!  Just remember, 6 classes will not make you flexible.  It will take time to gain flexibility. Lots of time.
  • What should I wear? Wear comfortable clothes that will not ride up or fall down.  You do not need to go to Lululemon and buy $100 yoga pants.  Just some comfortable stretchy clothes will do. Think sweatpants, tank top, t-shirt, sweatshirt, longer shorts (short running shorts are very uncomfortable in yoga and don’t stretch).   
  • What if I have to miss a class? Any missed class can be made up with another yoga class on the schedule that fits your schedule.  It doesn’t have to be a Beginner Series class or Fundamentals class. 
  • Is this hot yoga?  What’s the temperature? The studio is kept at 77 degrees for all classes except the Hot Vinyasa (90 degrees).  Technically, hot classes range from 95-106 degrees. 
  • Can I extend the Beginner Series pass beyond the expiration date?  The intention of an expiration date is to get you into the studio multiple times/week.  The ONLY extension provided past the expiration date is if you have Covid or have been exposed OR if the studio is closed due to weather. The extension will be on a case-be-case basis. 
  • Can I get a refund if I don’t like yoga?  No refunds.  But, thank you for trying yoga! 

In the event of bad weather and the studio is closed, the class will be rescheduled.  If you can’t make the make up class, just choose a class on the schedule that sounds good to you and take it!

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Locally owned and operated!

Annie Trotta
Annie lives right here in Overland Park, KS! She opened the studio in 2014 and teaches almost everyday!

"Annie is currently teaching our super beginner yoga class and I have to say she does a wonderful job of making sure that yoga fits you instead of you fitting yoga. Would highly recommend for any beginner looking to get into it."

Casey W.

"Love this studio because of the variety of classes. Have taken classes from many instructors and all are excellent! A nice plus, the floor has a little cushion which helps you experience a slice of luxury."

Maureen F.

"I’ve been practicing at Surya Yoga for approximately 6 years, and I am so grateful to have found this studio! The studio owner (Annie) is so warm and welcoming, and creates a very relaxed atmosphere for all students whether new or experienced. There is no pressure to do anything you are uncomfortable doing, but challenging yourself to do new things is supported as well! There is a variety of classes to choose from, and truly feels like a family. You won’t regret trying Surya Yoga!"

Abbey W.