• Meet the Mat Challenge

    June 1-30, 2018

    Members: $29  Members pay HERE!

    Non-members:  $129 ($29 for the challenge + $100 for 15 classes ($6.67/class))

    Non-Members pay HERE!

    • Challenge yourself to take 15 classes in June

    • Any class on the schedule counts

    • No Groupons or discounts, no refunds

    • Classes can be used after June if you don’t complete the challenge (no classes are lost)

    • Classes expire 4 months after purchase

    • Challenge participants get:


    Summer is a great time to start or get back into yoga!  The warm summer months are great for flexibility and sweating out toxins.  We’ll even go outside for some of the classes.  Whenever we head outside, the classes will be at Black Bob Park, located between Black Bob and Pflumm, off of 151st Street.  We’ll park in the big parking lot and then go into the shade of the big oak tree or parking lot.

    Surya Yoga poses

    Getting ready to do Prasarita Padottanasana C at Surya Yoga.