Surya Yoga FAQs

You are welcome to use the loaner mats in the studio until you figure out which mat is right for you. 
If you own a mat, bring it!
If you don’t have one, you can try out the demo mats and then buy one for 20% off.
No, you can use all the props at the studio while you are taking the Beginner Series. You might want to purchase your own blocks and strap once you know how to use them.  
Well, that’s why you’re doing yoga, right? To get a little more flexible!  Doing yoga will help with flexibility, but you don’t need to be flexible to start doing yoga.
Just remember, 7 classes will not make you flexible.  It will take time to gain flexibility. Lots of time and practice.
Wear comfortable clothes that will not ride up or fall down. 
You do not need to go buy $100 yoga pants. 
Just some comfortable stretchy clothes will do. Think sweatpants, tank top, t-shirt, sweatshirt, longer shorts (short running shorts are very uncomfortable in yoga and don’t stretch).   

Socks are optional.  You can keep them on or take them off.  If you prefer socks on, buy the grippy yoga socks.  Regular socks are very slippery and make it hard to do yoga.

Most students do not wear socks when they practice.

You will take 4 Beginner Series classes (those are on assigned days/times).

You have 3 more classes to take, these will be based on your needs and schedule.

Try to take one class between each Beginner Series class.  Also, try to vary the teacher/type of class that you are taking. 

For example, if you have a Beginner Series class each Tuesday, take a Stretch and Chill class Thursday night.  Then the next week, take a Yoga Fundamentals 1 class on Saturday morning.  Then, after your 3rd Beginner Series class on Tuesday night, take a Stability and Flexibility class on Monday.  

Try out different classes/styles/teachers to see which ones are the best fit for you (because each teacher and style is different!).


The Beginner Series classes move slowly.  You will not be moving quickly or “flinging” your arms or legs around. 

Each class is taught like a workshop: watch the teacher, then try it out, ask some questions, try it again.  

There is NO pressure to do the poses like the teacher or your fellow students.  

The poses will be taught in multiple ways so you can find the right way to do it for you.  

If you would like a description of all the classes, click here.

Yes!  The door is locked during class.  Your belongings are safe!

Yes! Feel free to bring a water bottle into the studio. Please leave coffee, juice, soda in the lobby.

Any missed class can be made up with another yoga class on the schedule that fits your schedule. 
Make sure to check the expiration date of your pass and make up the missed class before the expiration date.
The studio is kept at 77 degrees for all classes except the Hot Vinyasa (90 degrees).  Technically, hot classes range from 95-106 degrees. 
The intention of an expiration date is to get you into the studio multiple times/week.  The ONLY extension provided past the expiration date is if you have Covid (5 day extension will be added) or due to weather.
The extension will be on a case-be-case basis. 
No refunds.  But, thank you for trying yoga and supporting this woman owned, small business! 

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