Terms & Conditions

Auto-Pay Agreement 

  • 10% off merchandise.
  • Unlimited new guests allowed (new students only, 1 free visit per friend, please attend with your guest).
  • 6,12 month commitment: Cancel at anytime before agreement ends, in writing, with a $99 cancellation fee.  If the credit card is cancelled without notice, the entire amount left on the contract will be sent to a 3rd party collection agency.
  • 10 days cancellation notice must be given before date card is charged.
  • Suspend pass, in writing, at anytime for $25/month, once suspension ends, pass reverts back to previous agreement price.
  • 12 month agreements are allowed 2 months of suspension/agreement term.
  • 6 month agreements are allowed 1 month of suspension/agreement term.
  • No refunds will be given on membership packages.
  • At the completion of the contract terms, a 10 day cancellation notice must be given or contract renews month to month at the current rate until cancellation is given or contract is renewed.
  • Adding the family: additional members of the family can be added for a flat rate of $39/month to the unlimited membership only.
  • Family unlimited memberships includes anyone living at the same address.
  • Family unlimited memberships can be split between two credit cards.  Both cards must be charged and active each month.  If one person fails to pay, a notice will be given that the card needs to be updated.  If the card is not updated, the other card will be charged the full amount.
  • 5 class packages:  classes do not roll over to the next month.  Classes expire at the end of the agreement each month. Classes cannot be shared with another person.  All other terms apply to this agreement.
  • $10/additional class over 5
  • Student agrees to update any credit card that expires or does not work for various reasons.
  • Student agrees to give new card information to Surya Yoga upon request during the contract period.
  • Both parties agree to the signed agreement and receive a copy of the agreement.
  • Agreement can be transferred to another person.
  • No refunds.

Groupons and New Student Specials

Groupons can be purchased RIGHT HERE on the website!  The price of the NEW STUDENT 4 and 8 Class Packages are the same as the Groupon website.
  • If you purchase a Groupon through the Groupon website, you MUST come into the studio with the Groupon BEFORE you can register for classes online.
  • ONLY one Groupon/person.
  • NEW students only.
  • No exceptions.
  • You can buy two Groupons total, but one must be for a friend.
  • If you bought a Groupon after your first class/package, you still have the amount you paid for the Groupon to use like a gift card.
PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT on the Groupon, all Groupons have two expiration dates.  The expiration date on the Groupon is when the promotional value expires.  ALL Groupons must be used within 30 days after the first class is taken, no exceptions.