Information: YogaWorks 200 hour Training at Surya Yoga 


    Session Dates are examples only:

    Weekend 1:  Philosophy, Symmetrical Neutral Poses, Surya Namaskar A

    Weekend 2:  Anatomy, Philosophy, Externally Rotated Poses, Asymmetrical Neutral Poses

    Weekend 3: Anatomy, Philosophy, Surya Namaskar B, Inversions

    Weekend 4 Anatomy, Philosophy, Inversions, Pranayama, Twists

    Weekend 5: Anatomy, Philosophy, Backbends in shoulder extension, Prenatal, Backbends in shoulder flexion

    Weekend 6: Anatomy, Philosophy, How to teach beginners, Forward bends and Restoratives

    Weekend 7:  Review for In-Class Exam and Practice Teaching, Hip Openers, Abs, Arm Balances, In-Class Exam, Final Practice Teach and Closing Ceremonies



    $2900 before the early bird date


    $3300  after the early bird date


    Teachers with a previous 200 hour teaching certificate receive a 50% discount.  Email Angelli to find out more!


    Read about YogaWorks history and how it all began in 1987!  

    Learn more about the YogaWorks Trainer Jessa Voos or visit her Facebook page!