• 8 week Beginner Series


    When:  January 7 - February 25

    Day: Mondays

    Time: 5:45-6:45 PM

    Cost: $99



    When:  January 9 - February 27

    Day: Wednesdays

    Time: 11 - 12 PM

    Cost: $99




    What you will learn:

    • yoga poses
    • yoga breathing
    • yoga etiquette
    • relaxation techniques
    • how to build strength and flexibility
    • how to quiet the mind-chatter!

    All mats and props will be provided.  Wear comfortable clothes and bring water.  Any missed class can be made up with another yoga fundamentals/restorative/gentle/deep stretch class on the schedule. No refunds or Groupons.  Class size limited to 16.  

    In the event of bad weather and the studio is closed, the class will be rescheduled.  

    Please register online in advance of January 4 or call the studio to pay and reserve your spot, 913-269-9037.  You must register in advance.



  • Alex Crow leading a 200 hour teacher training at Surya Yoga, Olathe, KS.

    Alex Crow Workshop:  Congruence – Where Intention and Outcome Meet

    September 27-29, 2019

    Please join us for a very special guest, Alex Crow!  This will be her 5th time at Surya Yoga and you don’t want to miss her this time!  She will be guiding us in a fascinating and educational workshop (see the details below)!



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    Congruence – Where Intention and Outcome Meet

    • What are you trying to teach as a yoga teacher, not just on the surface but at the deep reaches?
    • What are you aiming to learn or gain as a student?
    • What is it that motivates you to teach or practice?

    How do you take where you are as a teacher and/or student and move the needle of intention closer to the outcome? How do you adapt or toss the things that aren’t working, create new practice and teaching techniques for the ones that get tossed?

    How do you create a practice experience that is effective, personal and your own both as the teacher and the student?

    This workshop will give you the tools you need to practice and teach in an inclusive way because every body and mind are different.  There are also so many diverse styles of classes these days.  What each person needs in order to learn the concepts presented in yoga is unique.  Come spend a weekend with Alexandria Crow taking all these seeming differences of body, mind, and style of class and work to create a classroom experience that is deeply personal and individually effective.

    Sessions will include practice, lecture on the topics, mechanics/anatomy of the body, and class planning worksheets and tools.


    Friday, 6-9 PM:

    • Yoga – What are you aiming for?
    • Intention + Outcome = Yoga practice
    • Yoga Philosophy and History

    What is yoga?  Where did it come from?  What was the original aim of yoga?  How has it morphed over time and cultures?  All these questions will be answered and discussed.  The session will include a short practice and tools to begin to assess where teachers and students are in terms of intention and outcome in their teaching and practice.

    Saturday, 9:30-1 PM:

    • Bodies, Joints, Muscles & Poses – Stability, Mobility, Range of Motion and Asana
    • Intention + Outcome = The Body’s Makeup, Mechanics & Movements; Anatomically Wise and Sustainable Practice Building.
    • Applied Anatomical Concepts for Asana Teachers and Practitioners

    How do bodies move? Learn about how muscles work, release and stabilize to move the body and hold it in position.  How far should joints move? When is it not enough and when do they go too far? We will look at the different variables involved in stability, mobility, range of motion and the postures that are taught in most yoga classes today.  We will look at poses through the lens of muscular activation, release, stability and potential counter-productive sensations, creating a sensory experience in class that invites each to student to use the poses and movements as a tool for personal learning, exploration and skillful choice making.

    Saturday, 2-5:30 PM:

    • Fire – Physically Demanding Hard Work With a Twist
    • Intention + Outcome = Work the Body Wisely, Calm the Mind
    • Vinyasa/Power/Flow/Hatha

    This session will contain a practice based around the vinyasa/power model that takes individual and personal choice into account, allows for exploration and discovery, is physically demanding but also limits the risks and pitfalls in classes today.

    We will deconstruct the postures and activities used during the practice from an anatomical and biomechanical standpoint.  Functional range of motion vs limited range vs hypermobility will be discussed as they are important physical considerations to take into account within this type of class. The expectations of students and teachers in relation to this class style will also be discussed and alternatives that offer the same outcome without the problematic components will be offered in an effort to marry the intention and outcome of these classes in relation to a yoga practice more closely than is often possible.

    Sunday, 9-12 PM

    • Calm – Quieting the Noisy Body/Mind Loop
    • Intention + Outcome = Balance the Nerves, Calm the Mind
    • Restoratives/Yin/Therapeutics

    This session will explore how the nervous system affects the body, its range of motion, the mind, and more. There will be an hour long assessment inventory and practice where students will set a baseline of their personal range of motion and skeletal structure both before and after a class aimed at calming and balancing their nervous system.

    The practice will be followed by a deconstruction and reconstruction of common postures within these styles in an effort to have them function more effectively and to lessen injury and /or calm a heightened nervous system.  We will explore the joint’s range of motion in relation to poses in an effort to create a sustainable and calming class outcome.

    Sunday, 12:30 – 3:30 PM

    • Class Planning Laboratory – Purposeful Creativity
    • Intention + Outcome = Lesson Plans For Personal Exploration & Discovery, Students Who Know What is Wise For Them & How to Advance
    • Sequencing and Formatting Classes

    In this session we will introduce how to plan classes using what you’ve learned no matter what the style or level.  Students and teachers will work through planning a class from start to finish, using class planning tools designed to give students a personal experience in a group setting so that they learn to approach the topic being presented in a way that is skillful and wise for them.  Participants will then be led through the class that was created in an effort to experience the concepts presented and developed.

    Participants will learn how to create class plans that turn classes into a personal laboratory that is inclusive, invites inquiry, creates a safe place for exploration and when necessary allows difficult choices to be made by students so that they learn what is wise for them on and off the mat. Class planning worksheets will be provided and emailed after class.


    $250 – Entire workshop

    $220 – Sat and Sun only

    $140 – Sat both sessions only

    $140 – Sun both sessions only

    $75 – Individual sessions on Fri/Sat

    $70 – Individual sessions on Sun

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    Refund Policy:  Full refunds will only be given up to September 25.  Half refunds will be issued September 26.  No refunds will be provided September 27-29.


    About Alex: Alex is an internationally respected teachers’ teacher who leads teacher trainings and workshops around the world. Through her Yoga Physics methodology she aims to clearly explain in the simplest terms the what, why’s and how’s of asana, meditation and yogic philosophy making the practice approachable for everyone, of every level and of every walk of life. She shares this knowledge with her students and other teachers so they can practice and teach wisely, sustainably and mindfully. Her continuing education workshops in person and online, as well as her 300 hour teacher intensive train teachers to be better informed on yogic philosophy and history, the physical mechanics of the body and how to apply that knowledge to asana, as well as how to ethically lead group classes that are accessible and sensitive to all. Her Yoga Physics mentorship program is helping teachers build on their strengths, while discovering their own unique voices.

    Learn more at www.yogaphysics.com



    Alexandria Crow has been on the cover of Yoga Journal twice and contributes editorials and articles to this magazine and others.













    Workshops: Children’s Yoga – 

    The only kids class is scheduled on Fridays from 4:45-5:30 PM at this time.  The age group for this class is 5+.    More will be added to the schedule as the school year progresses. 



    • Little Yogis – Ages 3-6

      Children's yoga

      Kids partner yoga at Surya Yoga

    • date: TBD
    • time: TBD
    • Little Yogis will engage in kid friendly yoga activities, stories, social interaction, and play.   Intentionally prepared thematic sessions will enhance the development of social interactions, concentration skills, and motor planning.  Through yoga children will learn about their breath, build strength and increase flexibility.
    • _________________________________________________________
    • Young Yogis – Ages 6-10
    • date: TBD 
    • time: TBD
    • Increase your child’s body and mind connection through an integration of age-appropriate yoga poses, breathing techniques, and learning about using our social intelligence through games and activities.
    • _____________________________________________________________________________________
    • Big Kid Yogis – Ages 8-13
    • date: TBD
    • time: TBD
    • This series is designed for yogis to become their own best selves – academically, physically, socially, emotionally.  The practice will focus on mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation through individual, partner, and group poses to instill resilience in a constant changing and challenging world.

    Buy your passes at www.suryayogakc.com/rates


    • $16 – 1 class
    • $50 – 5 classes
    • $80 – 10 classes

    Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign the consent form, get your child settled and meet the teacher, Rachael Baca!

    See our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/suryayogakc