• Hot Vinyasa/Vinyasa

    Vinyasa translates into "flow" or "to put together in a specific way".

    This class is for students that have taken the Yoga Fundamentals class and/or Intro to Ashtanga in the past. We will prep for poses such as inversions, arm balances and back bends, but you may or may not actually do the poses, depending on your flexibility, balance and/or strength.  All levels are welcome and lots of options will be given so you feel comfortable and not intimidated.  

    The class flows from one movement to the next using the breath to initiate the movement, and is a little bit faster than the beginner class. Straps, blocks, and bolsters will be provided. 

    The hot class heats up to about 90 to 92 degrees. Please bring a towel, your own yoga mat (if possible), and water.

  • Restorative

    Restorative yoga is passive yoga, designed to make your mind, blood pressure and nervous system relax.  This is the opposite of "fight or flight" response.  This class is relaxing and calming; you will not move a lot in this class.  Prepare to breath and RELAX.  

    All props are provided.

  • Yoga Fundamentals Level 1 or 1/2

    Level 1: If you have never done yoga or it's been a long time OR you need a refresher on technique, than this class if for you. Learn the fundamentals of yoga in a non-competitive environment. Straps, blocks, and bolsters will be provided.


    Level 1/2:  This class is for those that have taken the Level 1 class and want more of a challenge.  This takes the techniques you learned in the Level 1 class and deepens the practice with more movement and a little more complicated poses.  

    These two classes will prepare you for Vinyasa and Hot Vinyasa.