Celebrating 8 Years!

When I was in high school, I thought my grown-up job would be a professional cheerleader.  Or at least a professional cheerleading coach. I also wanted to design cheerleading outfits. 

Flash forward 25-30 years and I’m kind of doing that for a living, kind of.   Here’s how teaching yoga, owning a studio and my prior dreams relate:  I instruct people on how to move their bodies, in a group setting, facing the same direction, all at the same time (with music).  I value positivity and I cheer them on in and out of class.  I also design my own clothing for the studio.  So, all-in-all, the same thing!

These last 8 years have been the most trying of my adult life, but I wouldn’t trade them for another profession.  I love teaching and hearing about my students wins on the mat, but especially off the mat.  For example, when a student tells me they sleep better after class or don’t have anymore back pain.  I have lots of examples that I could use, but you get the drift. 

I love all my students and I wouldn’t be here without them. That’s you.  I wouldn’t have been able to keep my business going for the last 8 years without you! So, thank you!

I want to show my appreciation for you with treats, gifts, give-aways and massages Sept 12-19!

You’re the best!

XO, Annie

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