Alex Crow Yoga Workshop

Alexandria Crow Workshop

Deconstruct - Reconstruct - Integrate - Apply

October 11-13, 2019

Alex Crow Workshop Deconstruct Reconstruct Integrate Apply

Deconstruct Reconstruct Integrate Apply Workshop

October 11-13 Alex Crow Workshop

October 11-13 Alex Crow Workshop Learn more below

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    Attending workshops can be inspiring and thought-provoking but the integration process can be very difficult and sometimes doesn’t get to the root of the issue or enable students to develop a way to change it. Information often ends up under-utilized or forgotten about or sometimes misapplied. Be it philosophical content, physical content, class planning or sequencing, participants rarely get a chance to experiment with the material or work out a clear way to go forward with testing the information and applying it in their classes.

    This series of workshops aims to change all of that. 

    We will use some of the most common issues teachers and practitioners today face as starting points. Participants will be offered techniques to work through solving these issues that are clear, methodical and sequential. Teachers and students can take the framework to continually use and grow from and they will be able to apply it to any situation in the future. 

    The following are some of the common issues that are arising in yoga classes today that will be worked through:

    1. The difficulty of teaching philosophy via physicality in an authentic way that allows students to truly work with their relationship to the concepts in real time. 
    2. The desire to teach to the individual within a group setting that promotes accessibility and sustainability without running up against the confines yoga poses can currently create in mixed level drop in classes.
    3. Meeting the ever changing and often amped-up physical exertion demands of active class participants while keeping the yoga teaching alive and ethically sound.
    4. Meeting the resistance and hesitation that can exist around less physically demanding class styles like Restorative, Yin, Gentle. How to address difficulty with being still, discomfort or pain in poses, as well as the common student belief that doing less is scary or has less value. 
    5. Getting over the creativity for creativity’s sake hurdle and the boredom rut. How to change class plans, verbal teaching techniques, and other teaching tools in an effective and progressive way that doesn’t jolt the students nor the teacher. How to develop creative activities and explorations in classes that have clear purpose and meaning while being very effective. 

    Sessions will include physical practice, lecture, discussion, brainstorming sessions + worksheets / tools and follow-up material. In each session we will use the same theoretical methodology to work through the process of firstly identifying the problem, moving on to exploring the current methods used in relation to the issue, and the qualities of experience this method represents or may contain. This will then allow us to systematically replace the current method with a more effective one that doesn’t leave the students feeling shortchanged or lacking but only enhances their experience and makes the yoga practice richer, deeper, and more uniquely personal.

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    Refund policy:  A full refund will be issued 7 days in advance of the workshop.  A 50% refund will be issued 6 days to 1 day in advance of workshop.  No refund will be issued the day (weekend) of the workshop.  No exceptions.