• Yoga Bingo! August 10-31

    Surya Yoga Bingo Cards $5 each


    Invite 3 new friends to play with you and you'll get a $100 SY studio credit, good for classes, auto-pay memberships or merchandise! 

    Blackout your board to win a studio credit worth $90, $75 or $50!  

    • Getting up in the morning without aches and pains?

    • Feeling less stressed at work and home?
    • Energy that lasts all day long without drinking more coffee in the afternoon?

    • Being in a better mood and more focused at work/home?

    • Feeling great all day, mentally and physically?

    • Looking forward to working out?

    • Bending over and touching your toes? 

    • Doing a headstand or handstand again, like when you were a kid?  

    Yoga can do all this for you and more! 

  • I thought I was really healthy and fit, and then time went by and I aged and all the problems came. I had leg spasms and muscle pain. I gained weight and had other health problems. After two months, my leg pain is gone, I'm stronger and I feel fitter than before I started! I'm so glad I finally listened to my Sister and started at Surya!

    -Devi N.

  • I started at Surya Yoga on my birthday in June (2016), as a birthday gift. I wanted to do yoga because I was unhappy, frustrated, had ADHD and had gained weight. I have been very consistent with my yoga practice and I've found that it has given me the opportunity to take time for myself and slow down. I've seen huge improvements in my ADHD and it's given me confidence in my strength, flexibility and being present. I've lose 25 pounds since starting yoga in June! My friend even joined because she saw that I was happier and had lost weight! I look forward to going to yoga class, even at 5:45 AM!

    -Tarah M.

  • Such a relaxing environment and the instructors are very friendly and helpful. I'm looking forward to my next class!

    -Laura F.