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for a better tomorrow at Surya Yoga

Make yoga at Surya Yoga a part of your weekly routine and see how impactful the results can be. Our yoga classes will make you feel refreshed and reenergized for the rest of your week.

Get started today with the best beginner friendly yoga classes in Olathe. At Surya Yoga, we're helping men and women of all ages and abilities feel better, learn, quiet the mind chatter, and have fun!

If you're new to the studio get our new student special

Our teachers in training work closely with other yoga teachers to perfect their yoga skills. This program will shape your future in Yoga as you develop the skills needed to properly instruct others. At Surya Yoga, we want to help you reach your goals as a yoga instructor!

Surya Yoga is Here to Help You on Your Path to Health and Overall Wellness

Come to Surya Yoga for the Best Yoga in Olathe!

Hey, did you know "Surya" means sun? Just like the sun makes us feel warm and happy, we want to do the same for you!

What Makes Us Special:

- Everyone is Welcome: Whether you're new to yoga or a yoga superstar, we have a class for you!

- Feel Awesome, Not Just Done: We want you to leave feeling great, not like you just finished a chore.

- Amazing Teachers: Our teachers know their stuff and they make sure you have a good time while learning yoga.

What You'll Get:

- Strength and Confidence: Get stronger and feel more sure of yourself.

- Super Relaxation: Feel calm and peaceful like never before.

- Learn Cool Stuff: We teach you all about yoga, how to breathe right, and how to be mindful.

Our place is super comfy, like a cozy hideaway where you can forget about stress and just enjoy yoga.

Our Mission:

We want to teach awesome yoga classes that make you feel good, learn new things, and have a great time. We hope you'll want to come back again and again!

So come find your happy place at Surya Yoga!

Quiet the mind chatter

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Surya Yoga Mission: To provide excellent educational yoga classes and trainings (and related modalities) that will allow students to feel better, learn, quiet the mind chatter, have fun and come back often!




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New Students

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Includes all classes except the Beginner Series. Locals only. Not local?

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12 Month Membership


for 5 classes/month

NO Enrollment fee. Includes all classes on the schedule. Classes roll over each month. Extra classes $10 each. Freeze for up to one month at no charge. More options available.

7-Class Beginner Series


for people new to yoga

Want to try yoga, but not sure where to start? The 7-class Beginner Series is for you! Everyone is new, the poses are explained in detail and lots of instruction is given so you can learn each pose with confidence.

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Yoga Fundamentals 1 Yoga


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Our Community

You'll be amazed how doing yoga often can make you feel awesome! With our teachers at Surya Yoga, you'll learn cool moves to make your life better.

What You'll Get at Surya Yoga:

- Moves you can change to fit you

- Help and cheers from us all the time

- A soft floor that's nice to your knees and elbows

- A calm and friendly place

We Have Yoga for Everyone!

Want to start yoga or keep going? We have lots of classes at Surya Yoga that you'll love.

Classes for Learning:

Beginner Series:

New to yoga? This class is for you! You'll learn basic poses and what to wear. We'll make you feel comfy starting your yoga adventure.

Yoga Fundamentals 1:

This class is good if you know a little yoga. You'll do easy poses and use things like blocks and straps to help you. Anyone can join!

Yoga Fundamentals 2:

Want more of a challenge? This class has harder poses and will make you sweat. It's perfect if you've done some yoga before.

Stability & Flexibility:

This class helps you focus on each pose. It's easy on your wrists and you don't need any experience.

Chill Classes:

Stretch & Chill:

Just like it sounds! You'll stretch and relax using props like blocks and blankets.


This class is super relaxing. You'll sit or lie down and use lots of blankets. It helps you feel calm and peaceful.

Hot Gentle Flow (winter only):

The room is warm, and we move slowly. It's good for everyone and helps you stretch longer.

Classes for Strength & Stretch:

Yoga Sculpt:

This class is tough but fun. You'll use weights and bands to build muscle. It's a good add-on to your regular yoga.

Mixed Level Flow:

This class is flowing and has many different poses. If you like trying new things, you'll love it!

Hot Vinyasa:

This class is quick and will make you sweat a lot. It's not for beginners but great if you want a hard workout and you want to learn (or love doing) arm balances, inversions, standing balancing poses and twists!

So, come join us at Surya Yoga!

Olathe's Most Welcoming Yoga Community

2147 E. 151st Street, Olathe, KS 66062